IMG_3036I am literally nine months pregnant with my fourth baby! I’m excited to meet my new addition, but I’m also frightened of what lies ahead…

This pregnancy has been so much easier than all my previous so far. I was very young when I became pregnant with Cora- and suffered hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy, but I had no idea it was a pregnancy condition – I just assumed it was related to my nervousness with being pregnant in a not so ideal situation.

When I became pregnant with my daughter Eve, the hyperemesis was much worse and I was admitted to hospital with it, it was only then that I realised that it was actually quite serious.

With my son Luca I sailed through pregnancy without much fuss, being able to work right up to two weeks before his birth.

This time around I didn’t even realise I was pregnant until I was nearly 12 weeks gone! I have been able to work up again to two weeks before birth, so I definitely cannot complain and had only the rare bout of nausea, which is unheard of for me. I have to admit, even though I haven’t been sick, I still do not like the feeling of being pregnant!

My hormones have been very much all over the place, making me not a very pleasant person to be around at times (my poor babies!) I have been very emotional too – with my wildly raging hormones changing in a flash- from laughing hysterically one minute – to crying over the slightest thing just as suddenly (which in some cases has proved quite embarrassing all round.)

I’ve now just got to the stage where I am fed up with being so big and not able to fit into any nice clothes – and if I see another pair of black leggings (yes it’s got to THAT stage! Cringe!) or black tops I will just scream! I have to physically roll myself out of bed and the bath situation has become increasingly difficult (yes I admit I got stuck!)

With one week to go I have yet to pack mine or the baby’s hospital bag, although I have got around to packing Eve’s! I finished up with work on Thursday so the week ahead will be a busy one getting things organised and ready for the imminent birth ahead.