Getting Ready For Hospital…

This time around I have had a much more relaxed attitude towards packing my bag for hospital, only getting around to packing it five days before my due date! It’s recommended to have it packed by 36 weeks ~ whoops!

As I will have a toddler and newborn baby in tow a change bag that is large enough to accommodate the increasing amount of stuff is an absolute essential.

After a lot of searching online I decided to go with a Pink Lining Change Bag. This is the one I chose as red is my favourite colour. I love the pretty bow detail and the fact that it looks like an oversized tote handbag with the option of being a shoulder bag (to hang on the pram). It can also be carried like a handbag with two straps which is perfect!

Change Bag

This change bag was bigger than all the other bags that I had looked at, but twice as luxurious with wipe clean surfaces both inside and outside. As well as handy compartments inside for my iPhone, car keys, pens, notebook and my purse. Not only does it look pretty, but it is practical too, a double bonus.

I was able to buy this exact bag from a local shop, The Pram Centre and I got £5 off the marked price as well, bargain!

As soon as I got home I couldn’t wait to get the tags off and the bag packed with my pre-washed newborn baby clothes; vests, sleepsuits, baby mitts, socks,a baby towel, nappies, cotton wool, water wipes and a going home outfit.  It all fit in too which is amazing as I am a chronic over-packer ~ you just never know when you will need something and if you don’t bring it you are sure to need it.

Next I had to get bags packed for my other three kids. My eldest daughter packed her own – as she is a teenager – but I gave it a quick once over, but her packing was faultless and she had something for every eventuality (she takes her packing affliction from me!)

My six year old Eve has gotten very fashion concious and was keen to see what outfits I chose for her, so she could give them her seal of approval. She is a massive shoeaholic so I had to ensure there was a different pair of shoes to match each outfit.

I packed three outfits in all, one casual, one more dressy – they might go out to dinner or something – and a new one that they had each got for meeting their new sibling in – for the photos.

I had to be extra organised with my 19 month old – with extra outfits incase of any accidents or leaks, his inhalers were important incase his breathing got bad and a list of non-dairy food items that were safe for him to eat as he is being treated for Cows Milk Protein Allergy – CMPA.


                                                       MY HOSPITAL BAG MUST HAVES….

The items that I absolutely could not leave the house without are:

  • Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray

Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray


This is a pain relieving spray that I saw on a vlog two years ago when I was pregnant with Luca. An American vlogger showed it on her YouTube channel as an essential item for her hospital bag. She explained that it was used post-partum for the perineum area – which becomes swollen and sore after birth. With my first two children I found going to the toilet after birth was a real problem so last time around I ensured I had purchased the Dermoplast pain relieving spray  and I can confirm that it really worked wonders for me. I could go to the toilet without any pain at all. I knew I had to have this again and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that I could get it from Amazon UK and not have the worry of waiting for it to arrive from the US like I did last time when pregnant with Luca.

  • Hypnobirthing CD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Hypnobirthing CD   During my last pregnancy I  attended Hypnobirthing classes using the Marie Mongan Method. I found the classes extremely beneficial and wanted to draw upon the techniques I had learnt and use them this time again too.                                                                                                        Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the Hypnobirthing classes during this pregnancy so reading and listening to the  Marie Mongan Hypnobirthing book and cd in my own time have been essential. During my last birth the CD was my saving grace, giving me something to focus on ~ the music and birth affirmations  which I had listened to countless times in the weeks before the birth  were key to keeping my breathing and mind calm throughout. The CD is without a doubt my main must have item. If I left the house without it I would have to turn and go back, it is so vitally important to me.
  • Disposable Underwear                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Disposable maternity briefs   Admittedly not the most attractive type of underwear, however these disposable maternity briefs are ideal for the first day or two after birth for convenience, no mess and are fuss free ~ you can just throw them away.
  • Maternity Towels                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Need I say more, these are a definite non negotiable must have item for after birth. I found these Mothercare maternity towels very comfortable and completely leak proof.                                                                                                                                     maternity towels

Armed with these essentials I’m  ready for action!


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