I have been really lucky as far as my births have gone, apart from my very first.

This time I was anxious before the birth (not that strange who ‘enjoys’ birth?) although not because of the pain (I’m not a fan) but mainly because last time I had a really good birthing experience and was happy with how it all went from start to finish.

I worried how this time would compare – I was hoping to go out on a high note with my final birth.

I’m proud at how I managed this time, I used the breathing techniques I had learnt at  the Hypnobirthing classes I religiously attended last time. They changed my whole thought process surrounding labour, focusing on a positive outlook, I  couldn’t recommend it enough.

This time I opted to do Pregnancy Yoga classes – which I found amazing due in no small part to our very talented and inspirational teacher.


On the day I went into labour, after the stress of cancelling an induction, my friend who specialises in maternal reflexology treated me to a very relaxing foot massage, triggering my body to go into labour naturally.

At around 4pm that evening, I realised I was having contraction like pains. But I was convinced I couldn’t be in actual labour as my mucus plug hadn’t come away as it always has before.

The pains eventually slowed down and stopped over the course of the evening.

I couldn’t sleep that night in bed as the pains had secretly begun again but I daren’t mention it incase it was another false alarm.

By 3.20 am the pains were coming in quick succession. I began tracking them using a contraction counter app on my phone. After timing three contractions an urgent message appeared on the screen stating I should go straight to hospital or call 999 for an ambulance!

Somehow I still couldn’t quite believe I was in labour so I waited, timed a few more contractions in between wakening my partner and when we all saw the emergency get to hospital now message – for the second time – it finally dawned on me that I was in fact close to giving birth!

By the time I was examined at the hospital I was nearly fully dilated and was rushed to the labour ward. My plan was to have a waterbirth – I did spend time in the birthing pool even convincing my partner to jump in and help too which was lovely – but felt I had to get out to give birth as there was something stopping the baby coming.


After a shot of diamorphine, a lot of pushing and my waters being broken, I finally gave birth to my second son weighing in at an impressive 8lbs 12 ounces. He was placed straight on my chest and latched on to my breast immediately.

When the cord stopped pulsating my partner snipped it. I asked to see my placenta and the umbilical cord, which looked amazing, they were the link between my baby and me, keeping him alive.

Luckily with only a small one degree tear there was no need for any stitches!

i had the most lovely, relaxed midwife who’d went through labour four times herself so I was confident I was in the best possible hands throughout the experience!

Holding my healthy, happy baby at the end of the labour was the answer to my prayers, having such a beautiful boy is an added bonus and I feel very blessed and lucky.








My newest addition to the family arrived safely on the third of March. We welcomed another beautiful baby boy into our little fold!

Weighing in at a very healthy 8 pounds 12 ounces, he is my biggest baby to date. He was 55 centimetres so he is long and  lean rather than a short chubby baby.

He is so long that he was only able to fit into the Newborn size clothes for a few days! At one month he has nearly outgrown the 0-3 months clothes.

He has brown hair like his daddy which is a first, as all my other babies were little blondies right from the beginning. He is so cuddly and adorable we are all completely, madly in love with him.