Naming The Newbie

You Named me what?

Choosing the perfect name for your new baby is one of the first really important decisions you make as a parent, after all a name stays with you forever!

Names can determine how you experience life – it can immediately make you the focus of teasing and being made fun of – or it can mean you are instantly interesting and popular.

Some names are chosen because of the way they sound or are spelt, others because of their meanings.



When choosing our new baby’s name there were a number of things that we felt were important to take into consideration;

  • Firstly how the name sounds and how easy is it to pronounce.
  • Next any abbreviations that the name is likely to get, so any potentially irksome or embarrassing nicknames ┬ácan be avoided.
  • Any meanings the name has and are the qualities I would like my child to have.
  • How the name fitted in along with my other children’s names – their names are all short and spelt in their simplest form.
  • Something a bit different – when checking out the list of most popular baby names we tend to lean more towards the less popular names – my baby is special to me and I want their name to reflect this.
  • The final consideration for my family was that it was a neutral name, living in Northern Ireland people immediately associate certain names with religious and political implications. As my partner and I are from differing religious backgrounds we didn’t want our children to be singled out as being from one particular background or culture.

Narrowing our options down to a select few names before the birth of our newest baby, we had three possible girl’s names and three boy’s names.

Usually as soon as I see my newborn baby I immediately know what I will call them, but this time we were at a loss as to which boy’s name we should choose!

After two days of trying it out we both agreed on Max, from the Latin meaning ‘greatest’.

I really love the name Max: I don’t know anyone else called it, it’s short, it’s easy to spell and easy to pronounce.

It suits him perfectly and fits in well with my other children’s names too!





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